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Classic Packaging has been making side weld and bottom seal poly bags for over 20 year. We currently have 16 bag machines for a variety of bag constructions. Whether a simple, unprinted bag or a printed, gusseted, polypropylene bag with a pre-sealed tape closure and an injection molded hook attached--we can do it. We can add hooks, apply tapes, fold, perforate, flip, reinforce headers, staple packs, wicket, apply hot melts, punch hang holds, heat seal shaped hang holds, pre-seal flaps, add door knob punches as well as add dozens of other "bells and whistles" per your specifications.

We also take advantage of our world class printing capabilities to provide bags with any thing from a one color logo to dramatic high end 10 color process printed graphics. We can also print simple information in-line on our bag machines which provides great value to our customers. 

We also utilize our laminating capabilities in order to provide more bag options. We can make bags that have the improved barrier qualities that can come from combining multiple films. We also can use lamination to conceal our ink from being exposed to anything  the customer wishes to avoid like abrasive surfaces and chemical attack.


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