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Laminated Rollstock 

Classic Packaging continues to provide cutting edge product at reasonable prices with it's line of printed and plain laminated rollstock and bags. Taking advantage of it's already proven track record of excellent print work and bag conversion, Classic has built a state of the art lamination department.

In September of 2006, Classic added it's first Nordmeccanica solventless laminator. Nordmeccanica laminators are the state of the art. They are the undisputed world leader in lamination technology. Since the introduction of the machine, Classic Packaging worked with BOPA, PET, MET PET, PVDC PET, BOPP, CPP, Paper, PE laminations, printed and unprinted,  in multiple combinations and layers. 

To further capitalize on the technology, Classic has recently added a brand new Kampf Starslit slitter/rewinder. This machine, like the laminator, utilizes the latest in computer controlled servo motors to produce remarkable quantities of near perfect product. Also like the laminator, this slitter is built by the world leader in slitter technology. 

In addition to purchasing the right equipment, Classic has:

  • Sought out, tested and determined Henkel Liofol Adhesives to be our solventless adhesive supplier and having benefited from their numerous hours of on site support and extensive lab testing.

  • Implemented a rigorous program of materials and process lab testing before, during and after lamination.

  • Hired the right people. 

Classic Packaging has brought laminated rollstock quality and consistency to a whole new level. Let Classic Packaging be your lamination supplier and never lose sleep over your laminated rollstock again. 

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Last modified February 15, 2016
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