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Retail Textile BagsRetail Textile Bags

Classic Packaging provides a complete line of textile poly packaging. High-clarity films, brilliant print work and a wide variety of constructions give our customers a point of sale advantage in this highly competitive market.

Food BagsFood Bags

We provide the same highly attractive packaging to our food customers. In addition, we provide films with the barrier properties necessary to keep food products as fresh as possible.

Home Fashion BagsHome Fashion Bags

Classic offers a number of special constructions for this industry such as bull's-eye grommets and snapping two-piece injection molded hook bags. Whether in polypropylene or polyethylene, printed or unprinted, we make them all.

Paper Product BagsPaper Product Bags

The extremely competitive paper cup and plate industry demands high speed and high performance. Classic meets these demands with wicket packs, shrink films, high-strength EVAs and linears to help get the highest speeds from our customer's automated packing machines.

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Last modified February 15, 2016
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