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Hardware BagsHardware Bags

Hardware packaging must combine attractiveness, strength and durability. Classic produces side-weld bags as heavy as eight mils and bottom seal bags as heavy as 10 mils. We also provide films made from various poly blends to produce high strength and/or puncture resistance.

Cleaning Supply BagsCleaning Supply Bags

For our cleaning supply customers we offer poly bags made not only with reinforced headers but also with heat-sealed, die-cut hang holes. This provides clean, strong and uniformly hanging products.

Poultry Bags

Chicken bags must be strong, puncture resistant, light and economical. Our high-speed wicketers give us the capacity and speed to meet this industry's high-volume demand.Frozen Food Bags

Frozen Food Bags

Packaging made for the frozen food industry undergoes harsh conditions such as the refrigeration of a grocer's freezer and the flash freezing of an  industrial food processor. We can provide EVA blends, both clear and white opaque, with or without process images of the product, that resist shattering and maintain product freshness.

Apple BagsApple Bags

Classic offers both custom-printed and house-generic versions of the traditional three- and five-pound apple bags. Our experience in this market makes us an asset to our apple-growing customers. We have quick turnaround times and the resources to acquire the specific bar coding needed by variety, package, size and grower.

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