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Pillow BagsPillow Bags

We have the ability to make and print the oversized bags in which pillows are packaged. Most importantly, we are capable of printing the high-quality process images often found on these bags.

Mailer PouchesMailer Pouches

We produce printed and unprinted mailer pouches of both white and opaque film as well as film matched to whatever color the customer wishes. What makes these bags special is the strip (or strips) of hot glue melt permanent adhesive used to close the pouch. Other features available include special perforations and multi-layer co-extruded film to give the outside package different properties from the inside.

Security BagsSecurity Bags

Similar to mailer pouches, the main feature of these bags is their ability to make evident any attempt to tamper with them once closed. These security measures are done through clever printing and patterned glue application.  

Zipper Bags

We produce zipper bags in several varieties. We produce standard entry zipper bags, tamper evident zipper bags, and pull tab zipper bags. The later is often found in textile applications as an easy means by which a customer can access the product with destroying the packaging. Large store chains have found this construction greatly reduces their repackaging costs.  




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