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Classic Packaging produces a wide array of flexographically printed rollstock. We print up to 10 colors with state of the art gearless printing equipment. We solventless laminate with best laminator available on the market. We slit with one of the most accurate high speed slitters available. We print on LDPE, LLDPE, Cast Polypropylene, BOPP, PET, Nylon, and Cellophane. We also laminate all these materials. Plus we can laminate foil and paper. 

All of this results in a very broad offering of products. Some are simple surface printed rollstock applications. Some are multi-layer laminations combining the qualities of all three films to make a far superior finished product. Some are laminated to produce a finished product with a specified barrier property. Some are laminated to protect the product from the ink or the ink from the product. All of them are of exceptional quality and value and are delivered in a fraction of the time as that from manufacturers of similar capability. 

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