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QC and Warehousing

Classic Packaging provides the highest quality possible through a dual approach of making quality "everyone's problem" and a post production quality control department. At every stage of production, quality checks are introduced and are always double checked. Post production, the quality control department pulls a statistically significant number of samples for a final check before shipping. 

Classic maintains quality in part through the use of the latest technologies. AVT in-line print inspection, X-rite color control, UPC scanners, Gas Chromatography, COF testing, Treat testing, and Gauge Micrometers. These devices help us to standardize what in the past have been subjective measurements of quality. 


We can package your bags and/or rollstock to your specifications. We also can handle your shipping needs whether they require shipping to multiple locations, international shipping, generic markings on all paperwork/products, or make-and-hold service to satisfy any JIT inventory management. If you have any special requirements, let us know. With 20+ years experience manufacturing plastic bags, we can meet your packaging needs.


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